Picnic and Play for pre-school and young children... and parents!

Every Wednesday meet at Oyama Zipline Forest Monkey Playground. Get a playdate and prizes for them, relaxation for you, and a picnic deal. Kids will be entertained for 2 hours Wednesdays 11am-1pm.  There guardians can relax under the aerial course (or take part no additional fee).  Children 3 - 10 years old can navigate the obstacle course alone.  The Monkey Bars are netted for extra safety.  Small toddlers can walk on the netting.  School-age children can challenge their balance and agility on swinging bridges and a zipline.  Playdate Event is especially for parent of young children looking for something to do.  Pack a picnic and come up.  Their will be a carnival atmosphere with door prizes like toys and candy. Play Cafe Group and moms groups in the Lake County, Vernon, and Kelowna will have a great time.  Parents will leave refreshed; and we'll help the children use their energy for some wholesome play in the forest near YLW.

What:  Call for toddler meet-up
Where: Oyama Zipline
Why: older kids are in school
When: Thurs Jun 13, 2019
How: Meet at Oyama Zipline at 11am
Cost: $15/child
Free Play: 10am - 2pm
Free: Picnic area (byo)