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Activities in the outdoors help your state of mind. Come to the forest.

Mental health problems are common, especially in these times of less activity and less community interaction. Committing to less screen time and more outdoor recreation helps to reduce stress and promote well being. Movement clears your mind and can flush away anxiety. Get the 'high' of those good endorphins by getting your heart rate up. While the atmosphere at Oyama Zipline is natural and serene… once you get to the top of our platform via the Burma Bridge we guarantee your endorphins will be firing; boosting pleasurable emotions. The zip lining ride (after that initial rush of launching into the air) makes happy hormones. The forest floor and valleys will sail by and your troubles can fly away.

Sit in the harness and relax if you are nervous. Resist clenching the rope with your hand (it is the harness that protects you). Fling your arms in the air and let out a scream or whoop (another healing suggestion for this pandemic). Get rid of that 2020 stuff that clogs your brain and restricts your freedom. Here, swooping through the forest, you will likely feel energized. Ramping up the heart rate equals a boost in overall blood flow and oxygen to the brain. That's good news!

Common recommendations for improving mental health include deep breathing, regular 8 hours sleep, and human connection. May we suggest you come to the forest, get the good hormones flowing, and let your stress fall away while you hang upside down over the Okanagan Valley on our 7 zip lines. Our tickets are the lowest price of the year right now winter 2020. Get yourself a pre-season gift certificate for 2021 at only $79 right now!

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